How it Works

As Simple as


Drop off items in locker and set 4 digit PIN of your choosing to lock locker.


Place your order via:, Phone App or Text your locker number to (786) 975-1106.

Receive text and email with locker number with 4 digit PIN.


Go to lockers, enter 4 digit PIN from email or text, pick up your order.



Dry Clean Anytime

Zoom Locker provides dry cleaning, wash and fold, shoe shine, and package delivery services through 24/7 accessible lockers.



Track Your Laundry

ZoomLocker brings your cleaner into the 21st century with advanced laundry tracking software. View items online and track order progress through your free online account.

Arrange Your Virtual Closet

ZoomLocker takes pictures of every dry cleaning item. View these items in your free online account, check the last time a garment was cleaned, and make notes on each item.



Never Miss a Package

Tired of missing deliveries while you were out? Ship your packages to ZoomLocker and we’ll deliver it to one of our lockers. We send you a text or email when it arrives and you can pick up anytime!

Secure Online Billing

ZoomLocker sends itemized receipts for each order so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Enter a credit card into your secure online account for easy, automatic billing.



Laundry Rewards

ZoomLocker is about more than just great laundry. We’re also about providing great laundry experiences– and what experience isn’t better with friends? That’s why we reward you each time you introduce ZoomLocker to a friend.

To get started, log into your ZoomLocker account and click on Laundry Rewards. You have your own unique discount code for 25% off a first order. Print out some flyers, post on Facebook, and tweet from mountaintops. Then start watching the rewards roll in!

Each time someone places an order over $25 (after discounts) using your discount code, you’ll earn $10 in free ZoomLocker services! You can earn up to $50 per unique customer. Now that’s rewarding.



To get started, register online for free. All orders are handled through your online account, so you really need one. And did we mention it’s free?

All set up? Good. Now go to one of the lockers in your building and put your stuff inside. You don’t need a bag, you don’t need a tag, you don’t need anything! Just throw ‘em on in there.

Once your clothes are in the locker, shut the locker door and press any four digits. Then turn the lock. Make sure to remember the locker number!

Got that locker number handy? Download the iPhone app or log into your ZoomLocker account online. Click “Place an Order.” Choose the locker number your clothes are in, the service you’d like done, and any notes. Click the submit button.

That’s all you have to do! Now go about your business while we scrub your duds. We’ll send you emails when we pick up, inventory, and return your garments.

Well, ZoomLocker isn’t open 24 hours– our lockers are. You see, our lockers are available any time of the day or night. Just pick an empty one and drop your clothes inside! You can place an order anytime, too.

Our office is open during normal business hours, so you can give us a call at (786) 763-0720 to chat or ask questions about your order.

You can claim a locker in one of three ways: online, app, or text.







  1. Log into your ZoomLocker account
  2. Click on “Place an Order”
  3. Enter your order information and submit the claim
  1. Download the ZoomLocker iPhone app
  2. Log into your ZoomLocker account and click “Place an Order”
  3. Enter your order information and submit the claim
  1. Place your clothes in a locker
  2. Text the locker number to (786) 975-1106

Yes! You can adjust your laundry preferences online by logging into your ZoomLocker account and clicking on “Laundry Settings.” These settings will be applied to every wash and fold order. We can hang dry, dry on low, use special detergent, and use dryer sheets.

For one time requests, just place your claim online and fill out the “notes” section with your preferences. You can identify stains, ask for repairs, or request tailoring. We do it all!

ZoomLocker does not charge any fees to use the lockers. There are no monthly fees, no account fees, no fees of any kind. You are charged only for what you put into the locker, though we do have a minimum pound requirement for wash and fold orders.